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OEE Dublin Environment Minister Bombora

First Wave Energy Marine Licence in Wales

Full Consent Granted to Deploy and Test the World’s Most Powerful Wave Energy Device in Welsh Waters. Bombora has received the green light for both its on-shore and off-shore licence applications for the deployment and testing of their mWave™ wave energy technology off the coast of Pembrokeshire, Wales. This is the first Marine Licence to be granted for a wave energy device in Wales.

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Jeremy Miles AM visit to Bombora Wave Power

Minister Visits Bombora Wave Power HQ in Wales

Following his recent visit to Bombora HQ, Counsel General and Brexit Minister, Jeremy Miles, who is responsible for EU funding Wales, said “The partnership between Welsh Government and experts in sustainable energy like Bombora are vital to our plans to meet the shared challenges of global climate change. I was delighted to visit Pembroke Dock to view this highly innovative marine energy technology, which will make full use of the Welsh coast’s unique natural wave and tide resources……”

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