mWave™ platforms

mWave™’s modular design enables the technology to be configured into a fixed structure or floating platform structure subject to deployment environment requirements

Integrated mWave™

mWave™ can be integrated into a single wind and wave platform.

An integrated wave and wind floating platform opens up development of the wave energy market on a utility scale. Early adopters of mWave™’s multi-MW integrated platform approach will achieve the required capacity, performance and output needed to deliver reliable, cost competitive clean energy.


Wave power rating
(per mWave)


Wind power rating
(per floating foundation)


Water depths

In deep waters, mWave™ integrated with a wind turbine on a floating platform greatly increases seabed lease area capacity and output. Opportunity to share usage of offshore substation, grid connection and floating structure drives down OPEX and LCOE.

Find out more about the benefits of partnering wave and wind to deliver utility scale offshore wind projects.

Bombora’s collaborative project with the Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult’s Marine Energy Centre of Excellence (MEECE) is carrying out a techno-economic appraisal of extending mWave™ technology, co-located and integrated, into an offshore environment.