Energy solutions

Bombora’s mWave™ product can provide energy solutions to address the cost of energy and sustainability challenges faced by today’s energy consumers, producers, utilities, and project developers.

Utility Scale

mWave™ projects can generate Gigawatts of power and deliver utility scale energy solutions.

CO2 Reduction

Governments, organisations and communities have a range of key drivers to adopt clean energy.

Wave power provides a viable alternative to reduce high diesel costs and transition to a zero-carbon electricity source helping clients meet social and economic objectives.

Wind + Wave Co-location / Integration

Pairing ocean wave energy with offshore wind has the potential to be a game changer for marine renewable energy. The potential to integrate or co-locate wind and wave platforms opens a world of opportunity.

mWave can deliver major benefits to offshore wind project developers:

Energy Solutions

Increased power output

Integrating mWave™ onto a floating wind platform or co-locating wave and wind platforms in the same seabed lease area can significantly improve the overall capacity and reliability of power supply.

The power smoothing advantages of combining wind and wave power technologies in offshore energy parks are beneficial to managing power supply. Waves are more persistent and predictable than the wind. Combining wave and wind power production can deliver greater consistency and significantly increase output in energy production.

Co-located wind and wave

mWave™ generates power consistently across the full range of wind speeds thanks to the low correlation between the wind and wave resource.

Wind Farm Optimisation

Integrating or co-locating offshore mWave™ wave power technology with floating wind turbines will optimise the utilisation of seabed lease areas.

Reduced Infrastructure Costs

Integrating or co-locating offshore mWave™ wave power technology with floating wind turbines will result in shared cost of electrical infrastructure including export cable and grid. For an integrated solution, the cost reduction benefits are further increased with a shared platform.

Improved Operations and Maintenance

All operations and maintenance are achievable using existing service vessels used in both fixed bottom wind and offshore oil and gas industries.