The Japan Project

About the Japan project

The Pacific Coast and Islands of Japan offer great potential for the development of wave energy projects. Combined with the potential of 519 GW of floating offshore wind capacity estimated by the Japanese Wind Power Association, this positions Japan as one of the world’s most promising and dynamic new offshore energy markets.

Bombora has recently kicked off a project to define the market size and select priority development sites in Japan for both nearshore fixed bottom mWave™ and floating offshore mWave potentially co-located with floating wind developments.

Bombora are partnering with a locally based global marine transport group who will bring its expertise in maritime consultation, offshore marine operations, and regional industry supply chain knowledge to the joint study.  This will complement Bombora’s mWave™ technology and project development experience to form a strong working partnership.

In February 2020 mWave was showcased on the UK Energies Industry Council Pavilion at Japan’s largest energy conference, Wind Expo2020 to advanced Bombora’s business development plans in Asia.