2012 News

A summery of Bombora’s news from 2012.

30th November 2012
Bombora has submitted an entry for the GE EcoMagination competition in the “Clean Energy Generation” category. (http://challenge.ecomagination.com/anz/Bombora-Wave-Power-Wave-EnergyConverter) The competition closes on Nov 30 so click on the link to Comments and Support our application.

8th November 2012
Bombora representatives will be attending the Envirotech and Clean Energy Investor Summit in London.

7th November 2012
Bombora representatives will be attending a one-day industry forum, co-ordinated by OEIA, to discuss the potential for ocean energy test centres in Australia.

1st November 2012
Bombora will be inspecting the EMEC facility in the Orkney Islands, Scotland.

31st October 2012
Bombora will be represented at the Renewables UK 2012 annual general meeting in Glasgow Scotland.

30th October 2012
Bombora representatives will be attending the Supergen UKCMER Annual Assembly and COAST Laboratory opening at Plymouth University.

17th October 2012
Bombora will be attending the ICOE 2012 event in Dublin Ireland. A bi-annual internationally recognized event on the Ocean Energy calendar.

11th October 2012
Bombora will be exhibiting in the Marine Energy Zone at the All Energy Conference in Melbourne. Bombora will be sharing a stand (L220) with other Ocean Energy developers and the Ocean Energy Industry Association.

June 2012
Bombora is pleased to support the Australian Ocean Energy Sector by becoming a founding member of Ocean Energy Industry Australia.

January 2012
Following the complete transfer of IP ownership to Bombora Wave Power, the Commercialisation Australia Skill and Knowledge Grant has also been reassigned into Bombora.

August 2011
Rytech Australia wishes to announce that it has received a Skills and Knowledge Grant from Commercialisation Australia. Utilising this grant will enable Rytech to complement its existing skill sets with the Technology Commercialisation experience and expertise of Mr Rob Davis (Enginuity Consulting).

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