MADE Cymru : Meet the green businesses in Wales striving for zero emissions by 2050

For the first time, Wales has ‘a credible, feasible and affordable path to reach net zero emissions by 2050’, as recently recognised by the Climate Change Committee in its progress report. Yet this goal will only be achieved through the hard work and commitment of numerous groups – in the words of Minister for Environment, Energy and Rural Affairs Lesley Griffiths, “we have to mobilise a collective effort involving communities and businesses as well as government at all levels.”

Making waves in renewable technology

Pembrokeshire has the highest concentration of wave resource in Wales, providing a significant opportunity for development of the industry. The Welsh Government has already noted its support for developing renewable energy projects. Wales has wave and tidal stream export market potential of £76 billion (Marine Energy Wales – State of the Sector Report 2020). Lord Peter Hain, a former energy minister, has said that Wales could be a world leader in marine energy and should make the industry a priority.

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