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Glen and Shawn on Jetty

Bombora Secures EIP Program Funding

Bombora Wave Power, has been granted $130,861 for the advancement of its wave energy technology. Bombora is one of the 20 companies to benefit from the $7.3 million in commercialisation grants assistance.

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Como Opening with Mike Nahan

Melville Waters Field Trial Officially Launched

Bombora Wave Power has achieved a major milestone with the official launch of its mid-scale “Field Trial” on Melville Waters.

Sam Leighton, Bombora CEO said, ‘Testing this mid-scale wave energy collector in salt water is a significant step forward for the company.

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Bombora Midscale Prototype

Bombora’s mid-scale prototype mWave converter successfully deployed

Bombora Wave Power has taken a big step closer to commercial scale with the deployment of its mid-scale prototype at Melville Waters. The field trial in a real world setting allows Bombora to test a number of system configurations to optimise the key design and control systems before launching into full commercial scale trials.

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