Pembrokeshire, Wales

About the project

Bombora’s European operations are headquartered in south Wales at Pembroke Dock. The region offers good access to experienced marine energy staff, critical supply chain capability and marine operations expertise.

Bombora will design, fabricate and test Bombora's full-scale 1.5 MW mWave prototype in Pembrokeshire.

Bombora is in discussions with Marine Energy Wales and the Milford Haven Port Authority to secure both construction and test sites. Bombora plans to access the Marine Energy Test Area (META) in Pembrokeshire, Wales which includes access to an exposed ocean testing area within META.

Orkney Islands, Scotland

About the project

Bombora has been awarded a FORESEA grant to develop a commercial deployment site for mWaves at Billia Croo in the Orkney Islands.  The site is operated by the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) and offers pre-consented, grid connected sites.

Bombora is actively working with EMEC regarding the devleopment of the site for future deployment of an array of mWave converters.

Peniche, Portugal

About the project

Site assessments conducted by Bombora over the last two years confirm the coast of Portugal as an ideal location for an mWave farm. Bombora conducted its’ Levelised Cost of Energy (LCOE) study for a 60MW wave farm at Peniche.

Bombora is working closely with WavEC to advance the site consenting process at Peniche and enable an array of mWave’s to be deployed.

Albany, Australia

About the project

The Albany site has a consistent and high wave energy resource and is an ideal location to install a small scale commercial array of 1.5MW mWave converters.  The Albany Wave Energy Project (AWEP) is an initiative by the Government of Western Australia to provide common user wave energy infrastructure in Albany.

Download Albany Project Media Q&A

This facility will become available for Bombora’s use from 2020. Bombora is currently cooperating with AWEP in the characterisation and assessment of the sites wave energy resource patterns, geological surveys and environmental studies.